Energy Management and Automation Systems

Solutions Offered
Energy Management Energy Management features provies a view of the energy you use over time and what it costs. You can compare how your energy use changes over time.  You can manage electrical, gas and water consumption through a uniform interface on a single application. Output Tracking can provide year on year performance indicators and help predict manitenance and identify problems. Output Tracking is essential to maintaining up time and understanding ROI. Our output tracking solutions can integrate multiple locations or sites in one easy to understand dashboard. Additionally these solutions can be implemented as a subset of your own corporate web site.

Field Monitoring Data can be acquired from a variety of field elements and stored in a remote server data repository. Transmission protocols handled include Modbus, BacNet, ZigBee, Bluetooth and Wifi. . Some devices can be retrofit with custom data acquisition and transmission solutions if required. Data visualization and analysis can be presented over the internet to drive preventative maintenance, financial analysis or to raise notification of alarm based events or status.

Home / Building Automation Automate indoor and outdoor lighting and irrigation with timers, set security and lighting modes with one touch and conserve energy on heavy loads by ristricting their use to lower energy cost periods where available. You can choose from a wide variety of sensors, lighting dimmers and controls, and outlets to suit your needs. We also provide relay systems to handle heavy loads such as pool pumps, fountains, flood lighting and others. Applications are powered by ZigBee or Bluetooth based devices and software can be customized to meet your specific needs.
Our solutions are ISP independent. If you wish to change your internet provider it will not affect your automation solution other than requiring our on line support team to implement minor configuration updates.
Security Systems Protect your most important assets with security cameras, motion and window break, flood, CO2 and fire detection and receive alerts through your Android or iPhone and e-mail. 
Corporate Kiosk Meeting the needs of businesses through dynamic information systems communicating capabilities, products and core values. Active systems can bring live data to the customer and public to show virtually any information, trend, comparison needed to promote and help drive growth.